Leader (n)

Individuals who help us overcome our own selfishness, weakness and fears, and get us to do harder, better, more important work than we would do on our own. (HBR)

168 horas

24 horas/dia * 7 dias/semana = 168 horas/semana

Trabalho: 40-60 horas/semana

Dormir: 42-56 horas/semana

Saldo: mínimo de 52 e máximo de 86 horas/semana para usar como quiser, seja correr, comer, estudar, ler ou ver TV.

What would you do with the IQ dial?

If you had a dial that could raise or lower your IQ by any amount, and you knew that for every point you went up, it would be harder and harder to make yourself happy, and for every point you went down it would make happiness easier to come by—and you could only adjust the dial once and the adjustment was permanent—what would you do?

From WBW